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What Clients Are Saying

Since starting my business in 2021 I have helped my clients discover effective approaches in dealing with the challenges in their lives. Read on to learn what clients have to say about their experience with our therapy session, contact me today to schedule your own session.

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Christina and Tim are awesome.  The work we do with the horses helps me to identify my unwanted patterns and connect therapy to real life situations. With equine therapy, I have been able to decrease my anxiety and gain valuable personal insight, all while working with these beautiful creatures. I am forever grateful.


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The lessons of effective responsibility in communication, respect and the sharing of experiences have encouraged me to push outside my comfort zone and emotionally placed walls.  Please know, with gratitude, just how much these experiences have been such an important part of the ongoing efforts in my recovery.


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I was most pleased to learn that while in IOP I would be able to continue my work in equine therapy!   It is so much more than just being out in the open air around these amazing creatures!  The therapy exercises we work on helps me to see the specific areas in my life I struggle with.  For example, I know I have trust issues.  I do not like to be vulnerable.  An exercise we recently completed involved being blind-folded while having a horse on a lead rope and listening to another client/clients give us direction on where to walk.  During my first round I struggled with this and felt my heart race and started breathing more rapidly.  However, in doing this exercise 2 more times, by the third time I was more at ease and felt myself to start to trust the process.  Something I could NEVER have done in just a group setting.


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