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Meet the Animals

Holding space for the unherd!



Lonna has already touched many hearts and makes quite an impact on everyone she meets. Lonna is very aware of incongruence in clients which helps the client learn to regulate themselves through activities on a daily basis.

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Beau works for the Horse Force programs and is helping our clients become empowered. Beau is deaf and because of that he excels in helping clients communicate without words.

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Brown horse.jpg
white horse.jpg


Shaw is known for her wisdom and intuition and has continued to help numerous clients through equine therapy.

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Luca is the smallest equine in our herd and is helping others trust and connect. Luca is quite the Rock Star.

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As of his arrival to the farm in Summer 2021, Loki is the newest member of our herd. He has become well acclimated with our herd and is now playing an imperative role in helping individuals achieve self-development.

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